Two Hearing Aids

We’re often asked by patients diagnosed with an aidable (treatable) hearing loss in both ears why they have to wear a hearing aid in both ears. The list below outlines the advantages of hearing with two ears (binaural hearing) versus hearing with one ear (monaural hearing).


  • Improved Speech Clarity
  • Balanced Hearing
  • Wider Hearing Range – A voice barely heard at ten feet away with one ear can be heard up to 40 feet away with two ears.
  • Better Sound Identification – Many noises that sound almost exactly alike can be identified more easily when heard with two ears.
  • Ability to Localize Sounds
  • More Relaxed Listening
  • Better Clarity in Noise
  • Natural Quality to Sound
  • Occasional Relief from Tinnitus – About 50% of people with ringing in their ears report improvement when wearing hearing aids.
  • Lower Volume Settings on Hearing Aids – Less volume tends to produce a more natural sound to voices and music.
  • Customer satisfaction – Research with more than 5,000 consumers with hearing loss in both ears demonstrated that binaurally fit subjects are more satisfied than people fit with one hearing aid. From the Better Hearing Institute

The human body doesn’t come with spare parts.  You need what you came with.  Having two of something does not make one an extra.  Try walking with one leg, or seeing with one eye.  Is it possible?  Of course it’s possible.  Is it easy?  No.  More importantly it isn’t necessary.  If you’re making the choice to solve your problem, half a solution is not the answer.