Important Information Ahead of Your First
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Your detailed walkthrough of what to expect, who you will meet,
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Frequently Asked Questions Ahead of Your First Appointment

#1 – What is The Typical Investment for Hearing Aids?

An investment means more than how much money you spend. It involves time and effort and that is particularly important to keep in mind.

You could spend less or more, but the critical factors of your success include how they are programmed to fit your individual needs by one of our audiologists and how you ultimately use the hearing aids.

First, the choice of hearing aids needed depends mostly on your level of hearing loss. Everyone’s hearing loss is like their own fingerprint. Hearing aids are designed to mimic your best hearing in the best circumstances.

For example, if you have a profound hearing loss and live an active lifestyle, then you will likely need a higher level of technology than if you have a mild hearing loss and want some help to hear the television better.

The next step will be to comprehensively assess your hearing, understand what your lifestyle looks like and learn what’s important to you – we’ll then be able to make a professional recommendation based on your needs.

Finally, once the best hearing aids are chosen, our audiologists will work with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly. And that involves commitment on your part too.

The options vary from as little as $799 for over-the-counter technology, through to $7490 for prescription hearing aids and long-term care plans.

#2 – How Long Do Hearing Aids Last?

Although it naturally depends on how well they’re cared for, they can typically last between 4 to 7 years before they start to show signs of decline. Think of your hearing aids like how long you typically keep an automobile. After a few years, there is wear and tear and new technology comes out.

With that said, some patients have technology that is 10+ years old and still going strong although expecting to invest into new technology every 5 years is a realistic expectation.

#3 – Can I Bring Somebody With Me to the Appointment?

Yes, it’s recommended that you bring a loved one along.

From our experience, it’s the people around you that often have the most challenges with your hearing loss and it’s important that they’re part of the journey. Loved ones contribute to the investment as well in their own time and effort.

#4 – How Long Will the Appointment Last?

Your first appointment will last around 90 minutes as we comprehensively test your hearing and overall hearing health

#5 – What Happens in a Hearing Test?

We want to understand the reasons why you’ve decided to have your hearing tested and the signs that you have experienced prior to your visit.

This may be what your family has said, the things you feel you’re missing out on, or whether you’re experiencing any ringing in the ears.

We’ll take a visual look into your ears to ensure that everything is looking healthy. We’re checking to see if there’s anything physically blocking your ear canal and that your eardrum is looking healthy.

Some patients that believe they’re experiencing a hearing loss find that something is physically blocking their ear canal, including things like earwax and fluff.

A hearing test is very simple. You’ll wear some headphones, and we’ll give you a button. Very simply, when you hear a sound, you’ll press the button.

We’ll be testing different pitches and intensity levels, all aimed at understanding what you can hear and what you can’t hear.

The results of your hearing test are then plotted onto an audiogram, which we will present to you.

This graph will highlight where you are hearing well and what you are struggling to hear, allowing us to put a plan in place in order to help you hear better.

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Whether it is a friendship or a relationship, all bonds are built on trust. Without it, you have nothing.

Dream Patients: The Type of People That We Love Working With

Having cared for the hearing health of tens of thousands of local people, we have learned a lot about who we enjoy working with and who is not the right fit for our services.

With us truly valuing each other’s time, it’s important that we ensure that we’re the right fit for each other and share the same values before progressing with what will be a long-term relationship.

That’s why we have developed this page to outline what an ideal patient looks like to ensure we’re the right match for each other.

It’s important that you read this page to ensure that this feels like the perfect relationship..

The 3 Core Values of a Dream Patient

1. Kindness.

The reason that we love what we do is because we love making a meaningful difference to incredible people’s lives.

We often turn patients into friends, and we find that the patients that we have the greatest relationships with fundamentally share this core value.

2. Commitment.

Achieving better hearing requires work. To ensure that you achieve better hearing for life, it means that we’ll have to work together.

There may be some tough times, and some good times, but it’s important that we’ll always be on the same team, and you understand that this is a journey rather than a destination.

3. Fun.

Although we’re all here for a rather serious reason, it’s important to have fun. The patients that we love working with are fun to be around and share our core values so we may as well have fun during the process.

If you feel that these 3 values represent who you are, then we may just be the perfect match.

Alternatively, if you read this and realized that it’s not the right relationship to progress with, then there are no hard feelings if you decide that we’re not the right fit for each other.

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