Allie Fujimoto, Patient Care Coordinator


Allie Fujimoto bio image

I have been working in the medical field for 21 years both clinical and clerical. I have a deep passion for helping people and have since I was a child. I grew up hoping to be a nurse, but due to a chronic health condition was unable to physically care for patient’s the way I longed to.

I knew I wanted to be in the medical field no matter what it looked like, and being the first point of contact at Aim Hearing really gives me that chance. I look at each patient that I come into contact with as an opportunity to serve and it’s more of a passion and less of a job.

I absolutely love the elderly population and so this is a perfect fit for me. I spent time working in a hospital and in memory care facilities in my early 20’s, and so I have a great understanding of the population that we serve, and truly enjoy communicating with them and helping them feel comfortable in the process.

Losing hearing can be scary and I never want them to have fear, so I try and bring some joy to their experience; be it a smile or a conversation that lifts them up.

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