The Cochlear Implant Experts

In some cases, hearing aids just aren’t enough.

If you have a severe hearing loss or you want hearing and spoken sound to feel more natural, then a cochlear implant may be the best option.

Both children and adults can have cochlear implants with many experts recommending that children with a severe hearing loss receive cochlear implants as young as possible.

At Aim Hearing & Audiology, our team are the local experts in cochlear implants, supporting hundreds of patients with unique circumstances to be able to hear better.

If cochlear implants have been recommended to you or you believe that they may be the best solution based on your circumstances, then your first step is to schedule an assessment.

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“Donna has been living with a hearing loss for much of her life and remembers the “light bulb moment” too well. Over 20 years ago, she finally decided that she needed to do something about her hearing and came to Aim Hearing and Audiology Services for help. As soon as she walked into the clinic, she recognized how “extremely helpful, professional, and friendly” the whole team is. After having a cochlear implant fitted and a new pair of hearing aids, it changed her life in many ways and “opened up a new world.” She encourages others to take the first step, adding, “If they have any question about their hearing, they MUST go to Aim Hearing.” Donna rates her experience with Aim Hearing and Audiology Services as 10/10.”

- Donna Besch

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cochlear Implant?

A cochlear implant can either work alongside hearing aids or in place of them.

It is an electronic device that compensates for the damaged part of the inner ear and provides the sound signals to your brain as opposed to simply amplifying the sound like hearing aids.

Although the implants do not cure hearing loss, they do provide the wearer with the sensation of sound.

What are the benefits of Cochlear Implants?

The most significant benefit is the increased sensation of sound, which makes hearing much more natural.

Other benefits include:

  • Hearing conversations and sounds at a comfortable level
  • Being able to keep your voice at a comfortable level for yourself and others
  • Being able to comfortably speak on the phone or listen to music

Who are Cochlear Implants for?

Cochlear implants can be for both adults and children.

With younger children that may be born deaf or have a severe hearing loss, experts recommend that they are implanted as early as possible in order to not disturb their natural development.

With adults, they’re mainly for adults that were not born deaf but developed a hearing loss with age, having the most success with adults that developed their language before becoming deaf (prelingually deafened).

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