Dr. Shannon Frymark is Proud to Be In The ‘Hearing Up’ Network Which Recognizes Audiological Excellence

What is the ‘Hearing Up’ Network?

The ‘Hearing Up’ Network consists of a small number of recognized hearing care professionals throughout the US that adopt audiological best practices to deliver the highest levels of hearing healthcare.

With all experts recognized and verified by Dr. Cliff Olson, this is focused on helping you and others to find local hearing care providers that deliver advanced hearing healthcare that you can trust.

Hearing consultation with audiologist Shannon Frymark at Aim Hearing

What Does This Mean For You?

  • You can have added confidence that you’re partnering with a team of recognized hearing care professionals that are continually pushing the envelope
  • Your hearing will be evaluated following the most advanced audiological practices, ensuring that your overall hearing health and ear-to-brain health will receive an in-depth assessment
  • The fitting of your hearing technology goes through a multi-step advanced process that is entirely focused on your long-term hearing health
  • You’ll be partnering with hearing care professionals that are not just trusted by local patients, families and physicians – but also their fellow peers

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