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  • Carol Caffarel Avatar

    I was hesitant to make my appointment and not ready to hear what I thought would be a recommendation: hearing aids. But from making the appointment to filling out information pre-appointment online, to the actual testing to the explanation of results -this experience was great. I left feeling armed with strategies to employ before trying hearing aids and felt encouraged to stay in touch. Every staff member was professional and genuinely friendly. Hearing, or the decline of, is essential for everyone to address now!

    Carol Caffarel 11/28/2019
  • Jim Kennedy Avatar

    Highly detailed hearing test that addressed a specific concern. All the services and options explained too

    Jim Kennedy 3/09/2020
  • John Cary Avatar

    The staff is super attentive and responsive to questions and concerns. They are really willing to make sure you are happy with the best solution for you.

    The only thing I would improve is call back times. They tend to be over an hour responding to messages left on voicemail.

    John Cary 11/18/2019
  • Brenda Roberts Avatar

    Everyone was super nice from entering establishment to leaving. Feeling was they were a caring and helpful personal. Would highly recommend Aim Hearing if Anyone is in need of an Audiology.

    Brenda Roberts 1/08/2020
  • Jean Bullins Avatar

    I have taken my elderly mother to AIM since her first hearing evaluation in 2015. Our primary physician recommended them to us.

    Both Dr. Emil and Dr. Shannon are professional and compassionate in their care for patients. They understand the difficulties caused by poor hearing from their own experience, so their desire to improve patients’ hearing runs much deeper than a desire to work in that field or to run a medical practice. Their staff is friendly, helpful, and competent, as well.

    Although hearing aids can be expensive, the cost we paid to AIM 5 years ago has covered almost every visit since then. If you calculate the per year cost for 2 office visits and for Mom’s ability to hear (priceless), it is really a small price to pay for such an important purpose.

    I thoroughly believe hearing is essential to quality of life and brain functioning. I can’t imagine how much more dementia would have taken from my mom’s life if she lived in a world where she could not hear clearly. Thanks to AIM for helping us stay connected to her through sound, music, and conversation.

    Jean Bullins 1/28/2020