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When the North Carolina Railroad needed land where they could build, repair, and do maintenance on its tracks, Burlington, NC, was born. The addition of 57 support industry buildings, such as engine and machine shops, carpentry, blacksmithing, houses for workers and railway officials, and company headquarters constructed between 1855 and 1859 created a boom, which eventually grew into the Burlington we know today.

Our community has plenty of opportunities for our residents to enjoy a broad range of sports and outdoor activities, with various courts and stadiums for public use as well as access to hiking and paddle opportunities that include the Haw Trail and the NC Mountains-to-Sea Trail. Burlington is also home to the Burlington Sock Puppets, a Kansas City Royals farm club.

Better hearing is the key to enjoying the bountiful opportunities provided by nature and leisure activities in our community. Aim Hearing & Audiology is passionate about helping make that possible by raising awareness of the early signs of hearing loss and helping people understand that hearing care is just as important as regular dental checkups and blood pressure tests.

We provide a team of specials, including two highly experienced audiologists at Aim Hearing & Audiology, making it possible for thousands of patients in the Greensboro area to testify that we are the smart choice when it comes to hearing care.

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Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

How Long Has It Been Since Your Last Hearing Test?

Studies suggesting that 1 in 8 Americans experience hearing loss, which gradually worsens as they leave it untreated. The reason this is so common involves the way hearing loss comes on at such a gradual pace, going unnoticed until the damage has already been done and communication becomes a struggle.

The key to addressing hearing issues before they become a serious problem is to schedule frequent hearing tests. With a hearing test at the Greensboro clinic of Aim Hearing and Audiology, we not only measure the type and level of your hearing loss, but we are also able to use the information we gather to develop a personalized hearing care treatment plan.

Rather than be in the dark about your hearing, schedule a non-invasive, easy, and quick hearing test today to know the truth about your hearing.


Dr. Emil Frymark inspecting ear of a patient
Senior patient getting her hearing aids adjusted at Aim Hearing & Audiology
Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Helping You Find the Best Hearing Solutions to Keep Making Memories

Better hearing is the key to enhancing your lifestyle and enjoying the richness of staying close to family, friends, and communities. One of the most ways Aim Hearing & Audiology helps improve your level of hearing involves the use of hearing aids.

Though you probably think of those bulky, frustrating devices your parents or grandparents wore whenever someone mentions hearing aids, it’s time to rid yourself of that outdated stigma. Today’s hearing aids are smaller and lighter, allowing for more discrete wearing, but they don’t lack when it comes to power.

In addition to rechargeable batteries, noise cancellation technology, and the capacity to connect your hearing aids to your cellphone, stereo, television, PC, or other digital devices are among the features of modern hearing technology. Better yet, our hearing aid specialists are eager to help you choose the hearing instrument that best fits your needs, lifestyle, and personal preferences so you can keep making memories.



Nobody Should Have to Endure the Noise of Tinnitus

Buzzing, ringing, or humming in your ears that never stops is among the most frustrating experiences you may have to endure. However, you don’t have to continue to put up with the noise of tinnitus or the sleepless nights, stress, and frustration associated with it.

Tinnitus is manageable if you have the right help to identify the type and level of noise you’re dealing with, as well as the right solution or combination of solutions to help you manage your condition. Our experts at Aim Hearing & Audiology have the training and experience to help you get control over your tinnitus for a more peaceful quality of life.

Schedule an easy, non-invasive hearing test with one of our audiologists, so we can get started helping you regain control over your life.


Dr. Shannon Frymark listening to a patient's hearing concern
Aim Hearing and Audiology Staff members waving hands
Tele Audiology

Remote Audiology Appointments with “Tele Audiology”

In spite of the fact that the Pandemic made us more aware of how we interact with others during health and hearing care appointments, we’ve found that tele-audiology is among the best ways to extend our service to the greater Greensboro area communities.

Regardless of whether you’re experiencing some health issues, facing scheduling problems, or struggling to travel to our office for an appointment, we still provide those who are new to us as well as our existing patients with access to our audiology experts using teleconferencing technology. Using our tele-audiology service and your smartphone, laptop, or PC, our audiologists can meet your needs with a face-to-face consultation no matter where you happen to be.

Take advantage of an Aim Hearing & Audiology’s tele-audiology service from the comfort of your home by scheduling an appointment today.


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