Oticon Medical’s Advanced Hearing Solutions

Oticon Medical’s passion, knowledge, technology, and global resources are aimed at supporting professionals and helping users to overcome their hearing loss so they can live full lives, because sound matters.

Envisioning a world where hearing loss is no limitation motivates Oticon Medical to create innovative implant technology and provide lifelong support capable of changing the lives of people when hearing aids are not enough.

As part of the Demant Group, a world-leading hearing healthcare and technology group, Oticon Medical is uniquely situated with one of the world’s strongest research and development teams in hearing healthcare, such as Oticon’s renowned Eriksholm Research Centre.

In addition to their own research efforts, Oticon Medical listens to implant users and hearing care professionals from all over the world in order to provide lifelong support and help people with a hearing loss live a life without limitations.

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Oticon Medical’s Implant Systems

Oticon Medical provides both traditional cochlear implant solutions and bone conduction implants.

Electronic Implants

The implant receiver is made of zirconia and titanium, widely used in the medical field because of their biocompatibility and because they are highly robust and able to absorb impacts encountered in daily life. Its small size also allows the device to be placed closer to the ear rather than the back of the head.

It is designed for safe and simple surgery that is minimally invasive and requires no drilling into the bone itself, reducing the time needed for surgery and the risk of healing complications.

Two different electrode arrays that enable transmission of the full sound spectrum using the latest signal processing strategies are available and are future-proofed with the capacity to support new sound processing strategies.

Bone Conduction Implant
The implant is designed to provide a 360° sound experience that supports the way your brain naturally makes sense of sound. This technology, the smallest bone anchored hearing device available, has been proven to significantly improve speech understanding and reduce listening effort.

Patients are able to try out the clear, consistent premium sound experience of the implant by using a softband configuration before making a decision to undergo implant surgery.

Neuro System hearing implant by Oticon Medical

Audio Processor Features from Oticon Medical

Oticon Medical produces the smallest behind-the-ear audio sound processor on the market that combines great sound quality and a wealth of innovative features and accessories for all ages and includes features like:

Multiple microphones to improve natural sound quality and clarity.
Water-resistant and shock-resistant casing.
Background noise reduction capabilities.
Stays in place.
Reliable and robust.
Premium 360° Oticon sound processing with sound optimization features.
Long life rechargeable battery.
Connectivity with Bluetooth compatible smartphones and other digital devices.

Patient-Focused Hearing Care by Aim Hearing and Audiology Services

Electronic implants, like those produced by Oticon Medical, are among the advanced technology hearing solutions available to the hearing care professionals at Aim Hearing and Audiology Services in order to address your specialized hearing care needs, but no device will ever replace you as the primary focus of the hearing care we provide.

Using a comprehensive hearing assessment, our doctors are able to accurately identify your unique hearing challenges. We use the information we obtain to develop a custom hearing treatment plan and select the advanced technology hearing solution that meets your unique needs.

In addition to fitting you with some of the most advanced technology hearing solutions from brand name manufacturers, such as Oticon Medical, MED-EL, Cochlear Americas, and Advanced Bionics, our hearing care experts also provide ongoing support, maintenance, and repair services so you can enjoy better hearing and an active, independent lifestyle.

If you need more information about the advanced technology hearing solutions we have available, contact the most trusted hearing care professionals in Greensboro, NC by using the adjacent form.

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