Phonak Hearing Aids

The first portable hearing device produced by Phonak was released in 1950. Over the past 70 years, this leader in the development of wireless communication has added their innovative talent to the development of a long line of firsts in the hearing aid technology industry.

Phonak developed Visaton Super in 1967, a pair of glasses with integrated hearing aids, followed by the world’s first BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aid (Phonette) in 1970, and the introduction of a type of audio input that became the foundation for FM hearing devices in 1979.

The first digitally programmed hearing aid with an analogue processor, PICS, came to the hearing aid market in 1992. Phonak’s AudioZoom multi-microphone concept was released in 1994, and the first tiny FM receiver, MicroLink, became available to the public in 1996.

1999 saw the production of the first digital hearing system with FM receiver, which was followed by the tiny MLx ear-level FM receiver hearing system in 2000. Phonak’s SmartLink Bluetooth integration technology, the foundation for the development of bionic systems like Binaural VoiceStream Technology, became available in 2003.

After the development of water-resistant housings in 2008, Phonak made use of their advances in material technology along with nano-digital technology to develop the world’s only extended wear hearing product.

Phonak Hearing Aids

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Available Hearing Solutions from Phonak

Phonak provides a broad range of traditional hearing aid solutions with enhanced performance, crisper sound clarity, the capacity to cancel background noise, and sound therapy features to help with tinnitus management.

Connectivity with Android and iPhone, as well as numerous Bluetooth compatible digital devices from your hearing aids, is possible using Marvel Smartphone for seamless streaming.

Other cutting-edge innovations include integrated tinnitus management, advanced battery charging capabilities, and improved connectivity. Remote support using the myPhonak app allows for improved device support and programming from any remote location.

Hearing aid model by Phonak at Aim Hearing & Audiology Services

Patient-Focused Hearing Care by Aim Hearing and Audiology Service

Hearing aids, like those manufactured by Phonak, are among the many advanced technology solutions available to Aim Hearing and Audiology Service to address your specific hearing care needs; but no device, no matter how technologically advanced, can replace you as our primary focus.

Our personalized hearing care begins with a highly accurate comprehensive hearing assessment that identifies your unique hearing challenges. Once we know what you need, our hearing instrument specialists will help guide you through the process of selecting the hearing aid that not only fits your specific type and severity of hearing loss, but your personal and budget preferences as well.

Besides fitting you with some of the most advanced hearing aid technology available from brand name manufacturers like Phonak, ReSound, Oticon, and more, our hearing care experts also provide ongoing technical support, device maintenance, and hearing aid repair so you can enjoy better hearing and an active, independent lifestyle.

If you, or a loved one, isn’t hearing as well as you used to or you need some help from one of our hearing aid technicians, contact the most trusted hearing care clinic in Greensboro, NC using the adjacent form.

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