The Talented Team at Aim Hearing and Audiology

A Personal Message from Dr. Shannon Frymark

When I opened the doors to Aim Hearing and Audiology Services, there were three goals:

  • To deliver the best hearing healthcare in North Carolina
  • Build lasting connections with my patients and create an ever-growing bond between us and them
  • Build a team of people who represents our values and is passionate about providing excellent patient care

To this day, Aim Hearing & Audiology Services is recognized as a leading healthcare provider in North Carolina and boasts a team that is truly experts in the field.

Our Core Values

The 6 Rules We Live and Breathe


Coming to terms with and treating a hearing loss is often a big step and an evolving journey. We offer as much emotional support as we do hearing healthcare.


We work hard, but we also play hard – what’s the point in doing this if you don’t love it and have fun during the process?


Beyond addressing a hearing problem, this is a commitment and promise to the patient to be their hearing care partner for life.

All Encompassing

Hearing technology is just one piece of the puzzle. We evaluate each patient as an individual and provide them with knowledge and tools to make an informed decision about their hearing health.


We care deeply about the problem and providing a world-class solution. This often includes providing for the patient as well as their support system.


We have helped thousands of people to hear better and connect with their loved ones, and we’re passionate about helping thousands more.

Meet the Team

At Aim Hearing & Audiology Services, we couldn’t be prouder of our audiology team. They possess a wealth of experience — more than 50 years combined. Plus, they have special audiological expertise from serving in clinics, hospitals, the military, hearing aid manufacturing and research. More importantly, you can count on them to deliver compassionate, highly personal care, with an unwavering focus on you and your individual needs.

Emil Frymark Au.D., CCC-A at Aim Hearing

Emil Frymark
Au.D., CCC-A

Meet the team - Dr. Shannon Frymark

Shannon Frymark

Jenna Raymond Au.D., CCC-A at Aim Hearing

Jenna Raymond
Au.D., CCC-A

Elizabeth Lopez, Patient Care Coordinator at Aim Hearing

Elizabeth Lopez
Patient Care Coordinator

Chloe Elliott, Patient Care Coordinator at Aim Hearing

Chloe Elliott
Patient Care Coordinator

Meet the team - Abbie Lenhart

Abbie Lenhart
Patient Care Coordinator

Angela Lily, Lead Front Office Staff at Aim Hearing

Angela Lilly COHC
Lead Front Office Staff

Meet the team - Molly

Therapy Dog

Meet the team - Stella

Therapy Dog

From the time that I arrived to the time I left there was a feeling of comfort and respect. My time in the office resembled being at home or with family or friends. The staff were all professional, thorough, and personable. It felt like they listened to me and in turn addressed my concerns and questions. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who is in need of services that they offer!

Matthew J.

Amazing people! They truly do care about their patients! So blessed!!! They always are so friendly and kind!

Lan Dai H.

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