7 Reasons Why Patients Choose Aim

#1 – Doctors of Audiology

By partnering with Aim Hearing & Audiology, you’re choosing the highest level of audiological hearing health care. With three highly experienced doctors of audiology and a supporting team of specialists, you can be rest assured that your hearing health is being cared for to the highest of standards.

#2 – Methodical Approach to Better Hearing

By caring for thousands of patients throughout North Carolina, we have developed a unique approach to achieving better hearing for our patients.

By combining prescription hearing aid technology with a comprehensive level of care through our carefully devised patient journey, you’re able to achieve the desired outcome of better hearing quicker and more effectively.

#3 – Cared for Thousands of Patients

By knowing that you’re dealing with a team that has successfully cared for thousands of patients’ hearing health, you can be rest assured knowing that whatever the circumstances of your hearing, we’ve seen it before.

This means that you’re visiting a team that can ensure that your hearing is cared for to the highest of standard right away.

#4 – Trusted by Physicians

Aim Hearing & Audiology are the trusted audiologists that many local physicians across North Carolina refer patients to when a hearing health challenge is suspected.

By being trusted as the experts by our area’s best physicians, we’re considered to be the most trusted hearing care experts in North Carolina.

#5 – Comfortable & Friendly Office

By visiting Aim Hearing & Audiology, the first thing that you’ll notice is that it’s not like any other medical setting. You’re not going to be sat in a sterile waiting room surrounded by sick people.

Instead, you’ll be welcomed by a friendly team in a relaxed and comfortable environment with our two beautiful dogs keeping you company as you wait to be taken into a private room with one of our audiologists.

#6 – Remote Appointments & Hearing Aid Servicing

Aim Hearing & Audiology is one of the first hearing centers in North Carolina to offer remote audiology appointments and hearing aid services.

This innovative hearing care allows you to speak to a doctor of audiology face-to-face via a video call from the comfort of your own home.

Also, with the latest and most advanced models of hearing aids, we’re able to service, program, and fine-tune your hearing aids remotely, too.

#7 – Big Wet Kisses by Two Pups!

This is many patients’ favorite thing about working with Aim Hearing & Audiology. It’s the warm welcome that they get from Molly and Stella – our two gorgeous puppies that are in charge of “patient appreciation.”

Please Note: If you are allergic to dogs or would prefer for them to not be at your appointment, please let us know.

Hearing team Of Aim Hearing together

Our Core Values

The 6 Rules We Live and Breathe


Coming to terms with and treating a hearing loss is often a big step and an evolving journey. We offer as much emotional support as we do hearing healthcare.


We work hard, but we also play hard – what’s the point in doing this if you don’t love it and have fun during the process?


Beyond addressing a hearing problem, this is a commitment and promise to the patient to be their hearing care partner for life.

All Encompassing

Hearing technology is just one piece of the puzzle. We evaluate each patient as an individual and provide them with knowledge and tools to make an informed decision about their hearing health.


We care deeply about the problem and providing a world-class solution. This often includes providing for the patient as well as their support system.


We have helped thousands of people to hear better and connect with their loved ones, and we’re passionate about helping thousands more.

“It will Change Your Life To Get The Help That You Need”
– Kristen’s Story

Meet the Team

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