Summertime Care For Your Hearing Aids

by | Jul 18, 2021 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources

Summer is finally here, and boy, are we excited. June is recognized as the beginning of summer but also Men’s Health Month. We are as excited as ever to be participating.

We figured since everyone is going to be getting out more and spending some much-needed time outside that we would cover some tips on how to keep your hearing aids in great condition.

Having hearing aids is a wonderful thing, as it allows you to enjoy your friends and family to the fullest. Hearing aids help you improve at work and let you take on hobbies and activities you wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Getting your hearing aids professionally cleaned will need to happen regularly as well (like you brush your teeth every day but still go to the dentist occasionally). However, in between professional cleanings, you can still keep your hearing aids healthy with these basic actions.

Let’s ensure that we can successfully enjoy this beautiful season (and Father’s Day) by having perfectly functioning hearing aids.

Take Care Of Your Battery

The lifeline of your hearing aid is the battery. If you don’t have a rechargeable one, you will need to be comfortable with maintaining this aspect of your device.

If dead batteries are left in your device, they can attract and build up moisture in the battery compartment. This moisture can leak into the circuitry and cause a whole host of problems. This will require you to bring them in for repair and possible replacement.

Anyone who has ever left a dead battery in their hearing aid for too long knows exactly what I am talking about.

When you have your battery out, be sure to carefully wipe out the battery compartment. Wipe off the replacement battery as well before inserting it to ensure a nice dry environment.

It’s also a great idea to just leave the batteries out when not in use. This will prevent any buildup and will increase the life of your hearing aids.

Change Your Filter As Well

The filter on your hearing aids is a key component to the proper function and performance of your hearing aids. It works to keep all that high-tech circuitry safe and functioning.

At some point, the wax will build up around this filter to the point where a cotton swab will not bring it back to its originally clean self. When this happens, you must change the filter.

We recommend changing the filter once you see the wax starting to stick to it. Wax buildup can be the number one cause of hearing aid malfunction, so we encourage all our patients to stay vigilant with this task.

The replacement process is relatively straightforward. If it is your first time, though, I would be happy to help you with the procedure until you feel comfortable doing it yourself.

Handle With Care

We see it all the time when a patient takes their devices for granted, and they can cause serious damage.

Most common are drops onto a hard floor or ground. We recommend when you’re performing routine maintenance on your hearing aid to do it on carpet or over a soft surface.

Yes, these are relatively tough cookies built to withstand a certain amount of wear and tear. Technology has come a long way to provide us with some pretty amazing features to help us enjoy all that life has to offer. But they are still susceptible to damage.

Drops in the bathroom are common and can be very detrimental. Be sure to lay down a towel on the floor or over the counter to provide a safe landing should you lose your grip.

The same care you would show your smartphone should be demonstrated with your hearing aids as well. The only difference is that you can go a couple of days without your phone a lot easier than going a couple of days without your hearing.

Final Thoughts

In any event, you can rest easy knowing you have a team of hearing care specialists behind you. If anything happens or you have any questions regarding your hearing aid, then please contact us immediately.

Our team of trained professionals has helped thousands of local people in North Carolina. We are very well equipped to deal with any hearing aid repairs that may be needed.

If you provide a healthy maintenance routine, your hearing aid will provide you healthy hearing for life.

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Dr. Shannon Frymark Au.D., CCC-A

Shannon Frymark, Au.D., CCC-A, audiologist, was raised in Greensboro, NC. Dr. Shannon’s passion for the field of audiology stems from personal experience. Born with a hearing loss in both ears, she has worn hearing aids since age 3. She is considered a technology expert because of her experience with so many different hearing aids and assistive listening devices throughout the years.She received her Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders and Master of Arts degree in Audiology from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. She was awarded her doctorate in Audiology from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry: School of Audiology. While in undergraduate and graduate school, she worked at the Central School for the Deaf as a residential counselor. Dr. Frymark spent the first five years of her audiology career with Florida Hospital in central Florida.

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