Why We’re Passionate About Spreading Awareness | Hearing Health Awareness Month

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

As it’s Hearing Health Awareness Month, the Aim Hearing team are showing why it’s important to treat conditions when they first arise.

This desire to share knowledge is particularly strong in Greensboro, as many in the community don’t know that they are vulnerable to a hearing loss.

In truth, instances of hearing loss are rising not just in our state but across the country, meaning more people are at risk of long-term conditions.

These are some of the reasons why the team feels passionate about spreading awareness.

It’s a vital sense

One of the primary reasons why our specialists want to reach out to the community is they’ve often experienced hearing loss first-hand, in one form or another.

Some have grown-up with a hearing loss and witnessed the profound difference that expert treatments can offer.

Others have been inspired to help others after seeing friends and family members struggle with treatable conditions.

Running through this shared perspective is the idea that our hearing isn’t a luxury, but a vital sense that lets us communicate with others.

Without it, you can feel alone and isolated in the world, with many people who have severe symptoms also suffering long-term social and cognitive issues.

The dangers aren’t known

Another reason why the team wants to spread awareness is most people don’t believe they are doing damage to their ears in everyday settings.

The most common type is noise exposure hearing loss, where someone witnesses sounds that are above a level that’s safe.

This can take place during a single instance or over several years, where someone consistently hears harsh sounds.

Once someone gains a noise exposure hearing loss, it’s often permanent, as it harms tiny hair cells inside your ear that receive sounds.

A World Health Organisation study showed recently that 1.1 billion people aged 12-35 are currently deemed at risk.

It’s preventable

As we grow older and have amazing experiences, it’s completely normal for our hearing to decline over time.

But the team want to let as many people as possible know that, fundamentally, severe hearing loss can be avoided.

For example, they can provide custom ear protection for those who work in environments where they might regularly encounter harsh, penetrative noises.

Similarly, there are ways to spot a hearing loss before it worsens, such as when someone turns the TV up louder than normal or has trouble communicating.

If more people seek this assistance, then our doctors of audiology can reduce the numbers with needless conditions.

It’s a duty that everyone at Aim Hearing takes very seriously.

Are you concerned about hearing loss or know someone who is? Contact the team at Aim Hearing and Audiology Services and they’ll work with you to find a solution!

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Dr. Shannon Frymark Au.D., CCC-A

Shannon Frymark, Au.D., CCC-A, audiologist, was raised in Greensboro, NC. Dr. Shannon’s passion for the field of audiology stems from personal experience. Born with a hearing loss in both ears, she has worn hearing aids since age 3. She is considered a technology expert because of her experience with so many different hearing aids and assistive listening devices throughout the years.She received her Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders and Master of Arts degree in Audiology from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. She was awarded her doctorate in Audiology from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry: School of Audiology. While in undergraduate and graduate school, she worked at the Central School for the Deaf as a residential counselor. Dr. Frymark spent the first five years of her audiology career with Florida Hospital in central Florida.

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