We must collectively address the detrimental effects of loneliness and social isolation on our society's well-being.

The Vital Link between Social Isolation, Loneliness, and Hearing Loss: Understanding the Increased Risk of Mortality

by | Dec 11, 2023 | Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

A CNN Health article highlighted a startling fact: individuals who experience social isolation face a 32% higher risk of premature death. 

The gravity of this statement is undeniable, especially considering the comprehensive meta-analysis that underpins it, involving 90 studies and over 2 million adults.  

This research provides compelling evidence linking loneliness, social isolation, and serious health outcomes. 

The meta-analysis exposed a grim reality – those who endure social isolation are 32% more likely to experience premature death from any cause compared to their socially connected counterparts.

Furthermore, participants reporting feelings of loneliness had a 14% higher likelihood of early mortality.  

These findings should give us all pause for thought. As we delve into the implications of this study, it becomes apparent that social isolation, loneliness, and untreated hearing loss are interconnected in profound ways. 


  • More likely to experience premature death 32% 32%
  • Higher likelihood of early mortality 14% 14%

The Unseen Impact of Hearing Loss 

Hearing loss can significantly disrupt an individual’s ability to communicate and engage effectively with others. Difficulty hearing speech and following conversations can lead to frustration, anxiety, and self-consciousness in social situations.  

Isolation often becomes a defense mechanism as individuals retreat from social gatherings and conversations, further exacerbating their sense of loneliness. 

The study reinforces the idea that loneliness and social isolation can be considered chronic stressors. These conditions lead to adverse health outcomes, with prolonged feelings of loneliness acting as a form of chronic stress.  

This chronic stress triggers the release of stress hormones that negatively affect the body, leading to a cascade of health issues. 

A Wake-Up Call for Action 

The findings of this study serve as a profound wake-up call for policymakers, healthcare professionals, and communities. We must collectively address the detrimental effects of loneliness and social isolation on our society’s well-being. 

Moreover, this study highlights the urgent need for greater awareness of the importance of regular hearing testing. It’s an issue close to our hearts at Aim Hearing because we’ve witnessed firsthand the profound impact untreated hearing loss has on social isolation and loneliness. 

Empowering Change through Hearing Assessments 

We’re passionate about encouraging individuals to prioritize regular hearing assessments 

When you know someone who seems to be losing confidence or disconnecting from the world around them, encourage them to have their hearing tested. We often encounter situations where behavioral changes can be attributed to hearing loss, and the relief and reconnection that come with treatment are truly remarkable. 

With appointments available for new patients, we invite you to call us at (336) 295-1064 to schedule a convenient date and time for your visit.  

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can request a callback by clicking here, and a friendly member of our team will promptly reach out to you, addressing any questions or concerns you may have. 

Don’t delay addressing untreated hearing loss. It’s not just about improving hearing; it’s about rekindling connections, reducing isolation, and ultimately contributing to a healthier, happier life. 

Let’s work together to ensure that no one suffers in silence due to untreated hearing loss. Your proactive steps today can make a profound difference in someone’s life, preventing them from becoming another statistic in the troubling nexus of social isolation, loneliness, and premature mortality. 

Protect your hearing

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Dr. Shannon Frymark Au.D., CCC-A

Shannon Frymark, Au.D., CCC-A, audiologist, was raised in Greensboro, NC. Dr. Shannon’s passion for the field of audiology stems from personal experience. Born with a hearing loss in both ears, she has worn hearing aids since age 3. She is considered a technology expert because of her experience with so many different hearing aids and assistive listening devices throughout the years.She received her Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders and Master of Arts degree in Audiology from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. She was awarded her doctorate in Audiology from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry: School of Audiology. While in undergraduate and graduate school, she worked at the Central School for the Deaf as a residential counselor. Dr. Frymark spent the first five years of her audiology career with Florida Hospital in central Florida.

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