Patient Stories

Dr. Michael’s Story

Dr. Michael first thought he had an acoustic neuroma, but after visiting an ENT surgeon, he discovered that he had a hearing loss. After first going to another provider, he chose to visit Aim Hearing & Audiology as he wanted Lyric hearing technology and his experience has been “outstanding.”

What has surprised him about Aim Hearing & Audiology is how we “do everything to get him in” to our schedule.

Hearing technlogy has impacted his life greatly and his advice is to “not consider it anymore, just come and do it” as “there is not a better provider” and he’s been to several.

Kathy’s Story

Kathy’s first sign of hearing loss was that she found that she needed the television louder than the rest of her families members and she had to concentrate on lip-reading more and more. 

She first went to a national hearing aid franchise and had a terrible experience, but she then discovered Aim Hearing & Audiology and had a “totally different experience” with the appreciation of her time being cared for, as well as a pressure-free environment.

Hearing aids have improved her life as she can hear better, and since then she has recommendeded two friends to Aim Hearing & Audiology who haven’t cared for their hearing due to bad experiences with other providers.



Michael’s Story

Michael didn’t think much of his hearing loss at first, but it quickly became something he had to deal with. At Aim Hearing & Audiology, he quickly “fell in love with the place”.

At his first appointment with Dr. Shannon, Michael brought along his wife and realized that a hearing aid wasn’t the solution, but an approach that involved much more.

He loves that Aim is independent and that they’ll fit the hearing aids to the patients needs, exploring all strengths and weaknesses and finding the best one.

If you’re somebody making your first visit to Aim, Michael’s advice would be to trust Dr. Shannon to do what is best for yourself.



Dr. William’s Story

Dr. William’s first sign of hearing loss was his wife thinking he was ignoring her and having troubles in crowds. But after hearing about Aim Hearing & Audiology, his first experience was “fabulous” and a “great experience”

He calls Dr. Shannon “awesome” – she asked him questions about his problem and discussed things he hadn’t even thought about.

Before Dr. William had hearing aids, he struggled to communicate with loved ones. However, he now feels so much more engaged and his wife is now much happier because she doesn’t have to repeat things to him.

In Dr. William’s words, Aim Hearing & Audiology is “the best audiology experience” he’s ever had at a “top notch provider.”


Clyde’s Story

Clyde’s first experience of hearing loss was the people around him complaining that the television was too loud and that the radio in his car was too loud.

His first impression of Aim Hearing & Audiology was how much they cared for their patients’ needs and was surprised that he was taken care of that day.

He could not believe the difference. He could now hear papers shuffling in the courts. Hearing aids have impacted his life by allowing him to hear and understand what he needs to hear in the courtroom.

Aim Audiology & Hearing are really good people and they feel like family.

Fran’s Story

Fran’s first sign of a hearing loss was through her breast cancer journey with one of the dangers of chemotherapy being hearing loss.

She was scared at first as she had perfect hearing, but after realizing that she was asking her husband to repeat himself so much. Her biggest fear before visiting was what people would think of her wearing hearing aids.

Her first impression of Aim Hearing & Audiology was “warm” and “welcoming” and after meeting Dr. Shannon she was “blown away” and they just clicked.

With music being a big part of her life, she loves her hearing aids and ability to change settings leaving her in tears of happiness. In Fran’s word “Dr. Shannon changed my life”.

Doris’s Story

Doris’s hearing loss had no warning – it happened immediately through Meniere’s disease.

Her fear was that she was going to be deaf, but after visiting her first ENT and being told they couldn’t’ do anything, she met Dr. Shannon Frymark and everything changed.

She would advise anybody that needs a caring ear specialist, to go to Aim Hearing & Audiology.

Martha’s Story

The first time that retired nurse Martha experienced the signs of a hearing loss was when she repeatedly noticed that the sounds that she heard were muffled.

She felt like admitting that she needed help required her to admit that she was old. Her first impressions of Aim Hearing & Audiology was how comfortable and warm the office was.

Her hearing aids have “opened a whole world” to Martha because she didn’t know what she didn’t know until she had them.

Aim Hearing & Audiology is “the real thing” according to Martha.

Zack’s Story

Zack’s first sign of hearing loss was when he was 25 years old. He was struggling to pick out sounds in noisy backgrounds. It was explained to him that he had central auditory processing disorder (CAPD).

He visited Aim Hearing & Audiology and he made the decision to get hearing aids which means that he can now hear.

If you’re considering visiting Aim Hearing & Audiology, Zack says that you have nothing to lose and in his opinion, the team at Aim Hearing & Audiology is a great source for getting help with situations that are not your usual everyday situations.

Kacie’s Story

Kacie first realized that she had a hearing loss when she was 6 years old. She originally had a fear that Aim Hearing & Audiology would be like the other audiologists that she hadn’t found particularly helpful.

She had a very good first impression and hearing Dr. Shannon’s story about her personal hearing loss helped with the relatability.

Kacie speaks very highly of Aim Hearing & Audiology and she’s found an audiologist that she “looks forward to going to”.

Her advice to anybody experiencing signs of a hearing loss is to “go ahead and make an appointment” and “they’ll treat you like family.”

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