Delivering Better Hearing Through Methodical Hearing Technology and Expertise

None of us grow up looking forward to the day that we can wear prescription hearing aids, but with so many Americans now experiencing signs of hearing loss, prescription hearing aids are a key component to caring for your hearing health and continuing to bring your difference to the world.

The good news is that the large, clunky devices that many remember their grandparents wearing are thankfully a thing of the past, with the latest hearing technology being incredibly small, discreet, and, in some cases, invisible.

The new technology is incredibly powerful, has intelligence to focus on specific conversations in noisy environments, and even allows you to stream your cell phone, tablet, or television directly to your hearing aids.

But in the same way that a racing car doesn’t win a race without a racing driver, having the right hearing care partner by your side is key to achieving long-term better hearing health.

At Aim Hearing & Audiology, we have been caring for the hearing health of thousands of people for 21 years by delivering our unique approach to better hearing through our carefully devised patient journey.

This expertise and persistence matched with great technology results in a lifetime of better hearing.

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I have taken my elderly mother to AIM since her first hearing evaluation in 2015. Our primary physician recommended them to us.

Both Dr. Emil and Dr. Shannon are professional and compassionate in their care for patients. They understand the difficulties caused by poor hearing from their own experience, so their desire to improve patients’ hearing runs much deeper than a desire to work in that field or to run a medical practice. Their staff is friendly, helpful, and competent, as well.

Although hearing aids can be expensive, the cost we paid to AIM 5 years ago has covered almost every visit since then. If you calculate the per year cost for 2 office visits and for Mom’s ability to hear (priceless), it is really a small price to pay for such an important purpose.

I thoroughly believe hearing is essential to quality of life and brain functioning. I can’t imagine how much more dementia would have taken from my mom’s life if she lived in a world where she could not hear clearly. Thanks to AIM for helping us stay connected to her through sound, music, and conversation.
Jean Bullins

The Different Styles of Prescription Hearing Aids

“It will Change Your Life To Get The Help That You Need”
– Kristen’s Story

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