Are You Concerned About Your Child’s Hearing?

Nothing scares us more than our children’s health concerns.

Whereas things such as sight are easy to test, your children’s hearing is very difficult to accurately measure. Children are constantly growing and changing, but hearing challenges that may be missed when they’re young could become more troublesome once they’re older.

Whether your child is struggling with communication skills, having selective hearing in situations, or complaining about struggling to hear, we can give them a comprehensive hearing assessment, in a comfortable and friendly environment, from our team of pediatric audiology professionals.

In a comprehensive hearing assessment, we keep your child’s comfort and stress at front of mind. You as the parent are present for the entire appointment, ensuring that none of your concerns are missed, from earwax impaction to hearing loss challenges.

We know that part of your fears is putting them through the stress of a hearing test, but having tested hundreds of children over many years, we know that the success of a test very much depends on their mood.

Every child is different, and we make sure that every child who comes to visit us feels as relaxed and calm about their third appointment as they did for their first. No matter your child’s temperament, we’re here to help you and your child with what’s important: getting their hearing back on the right track so they can hear the childhood they love.

That’s why we have a relaxed and friendly approach, which means that if it takes more than one appointment or if we need to spend 80 percent of our appointment getting to know them prior to starting a test, then that’s completely fine. Our team are well trained and ready to work with you and your child, no matter how many appointments that takes.

But from one parent to another, we know how concerning health issues for our children can be, and we’re more than willing to help alleviate your worries. If you have any concerns, we strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment so that we can take the right precautions today. We’re here to help, every step of the way on your child’s hearing health journey.

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