Hearing Aid Repairs in Greensboro, NC

Offering Prescription Hearing Aid Repairs to All Manufacturers and Models Across North Carolina

Many people rely on their prescription hearing aids to help them access an array of sounds and connect with those in their community.

So it can be highly disruptive when these sophisticated pieces of technology stop working or underperform for long periods.

You can do some hearing aid repairs at home, especially if your problem is minor, and we can offer you advice via a telephone or video call to help you find a quick solution.

However, during this challenging period, the team at Aim Hearing and Audiology Services is also ready to help you with tricky technical repairs!

Importantly, our amazing specialists can assist you if your hearing aids aren’t operating as they should or have stopped functioning completely.

With their advanced knowledge of all major hearing aid brands, they’ll be able to diagnose your problem and find an excellent, rapid solution. 

And if your issue is particularly serious, they can arrange for your hearing aids to be shipped back to the manufacturer for extensive repairs.

If you require any help or have any questions, please call our office by clicking here or by completing the form on this page.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU much for your great service and for your great team. I called Angela this morning with a problem with my right hearing aid. She asked to drop it off later this morning. I did drop it off And 30 min later your team called me to come and pick it up because it was ready !! Amazing customer service. Congratulations!! I am happy to be one of your customers. Very good job!

Ebly S.

The Repair Service

If your prescription hearing aids have stopped working and you need them fixed as soon as possible, our team is here for you!

At our office, they can fix all commonly found problems and make sure you’re back hearing a wonderful array of sounds in no time.

In addition, if they recognize a very serious technical issue, they can make arrangements with your manufacturer for these more detailed repairs to take place.

The instruments will be sent by either Federal Express or DHL to ensure that they get back to you as quickly as possible.

The Loaner Repair Service

While you’re waiting for your devices to be fixed, we can also offer you a loaner pair of hearing aids.

At Aim Hearing and Audiology Services, we have an extensive range of devices, and we’ll provide you with a set that will meet or exceed your current technology.

This will mean that you’ll never be without all the sounds that you’re used to hearing while our team works hard to get your hearing aids back to you.

Schedule a Hearing Aid Repair

If you are ready to book a repair, we can help you now!  Our team of experts can answer your questions, offer guidance, and arrange an appointment at a convenient time for you.

Simply complete the form and we’ll call you shortly.

Hearing Aid Care At Home

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