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If you’re experiencing a “ringing in the ears” sensation or you’re hearing sound when there is no sound to be heard, whether hissing, roaring, whistling, chirping, or clicking, then you may be experiencing the symptoms of tinnitus.

With 15% of Americans reporting tinnitus concerns, it’s an incredibly common yet persistent health challenge that many of us face.

Not only does it become an inconvenience to live with but in many cases, it’s a side-effect of other things that are happening within your ears.

These vary from things like noise-induced hearing loss (the most common reason) to other factors including a build-up of earwax, sinus infections, jaw misalignments, or medications.

This is why it’s so important to visit an audiologist if you’re experiencing any signs of tinnitus so that you can have a comprehensive hearing evaluation.

This allows us to diagnose if you have tinnitus, rule out any other health concerns linked to tinnitus, and help you to find a solution to the challenges that you face.

Unfortunately, tinnitus doesn’t go away on its own and in most cases, it gradually worsens – it’s why many Americans that have challenges visit an audiologist to get the help that they need.

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