The Start of Your Journey to Better Hearing

In most cases, hearing loss is a sign that you’ve lived your life in the “fast lane” and have had a lifetime of fruitful experiences.

In the same way that a car that has been driven fast is more likely to need the tires replacing, many hearing losses are a sign that your hearing has gradually been impacted due to all the work that your ears have had to do.

Our job at Aim Hearing & Audiology is to help you to continue to live life in the fast lane and continue to be yourself by helping you to achieve better hearing.

Whether you’re at the start line and concerned about your hearing or you believe that you need our help to continue to be at your best, then your first step is to schedule a comprehensive hearing assessment.

This quick, non-invasive assessment allows us to accurately assess your hearing and determine if you need our help.

If we discover that your lifestyle has impacted your level of hearing, we will be able to use our years of expertise to care for your hearing and get your hearing back to where you once were.

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How We Can Help

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Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

When Was The Last Time That You Had Your Hearing Tested?

Although we all have regular dental appointments, our blood pressure and our cholesterol routinely checked – hardly any of us regularly test our hearing.

But with studies suggesting that 1 in 8 Americans have a hearing loss and with untreated hearing loss gradually worsening, if you’ve never had a hearing test, then there’s never a better time than today.

With many of the common signs of hearing loss often going unnoticed due to the gradual loss, we strongly encourage you to have your hearing tested.


Lyric hearing aid

Advanced Prescription Hearing Aid Technology

Helping You to Find the Right Solutions to Continue Making Memories

One of the most effective ways to care for a hearing loss and improve your level of hearing is with prescription hearing aids. But you’ll be glad to know that today’s prescription hearing aids are very different to the large, clunky devices that many people have a stigma or memory towards.

The latest technology is powerful, small, and discreet, and is often unnoticed by the friends, colleagues, and family around you.

Through our hearing care packages, we can help you to select the best hearing technology for you as well as a care plan to ensure you experience better hearing for life.


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Nobody Should Have to Endure the Torrid of Tinnitus

Whether it’s a buzzing, a ringing, or a humming in your ears, it can be one of the most frustrating and relentless problems that you can experience.

The worst part is that hardly anybody truly understands the magnitude of how difficult it is to live with. The good news is that there are ways to care for your tinnitus to minimize its impact on your life, work, and experiences.

Having been supporting and helping patients with tinnitus since we opened our doors, our team is highly experienced in helping you to regain control.


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Children’s Audiology

Caring for the Audiological Needs of All Ages

Nothing scares us more than our children’s health concerns.

Whereas things such as sight are easy to test, your children’s hearing is very difficult to accurately measure.

Whether your child is struggling with communication skills, having selective hearing in situations, or complaining about struggling to hear, we can give them a comprehensive hearing assessment in a comfortable and friendly environment.


cochlear implants

Cochlear Implants

Specialists in Cochlear Implants

If you have a severe hearing loss or you want hearing and spoken sound to feel more natural, then a cochlear implant may be the best option.

Both children and adults can have cochlear implants with many experts recommending that children with a severe hearing loss receive cochlear implants as young as possible.

At Aim Hearing & Audiology, our team are the local expert in cochlear implants  – supporting hundreds of patients with unique circumstances to be able to hear better.


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